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Acupuncturist. Environmentalist. Gerson Practitioner. Herbalist. Pilates Instructor. Yogi. Traveler. 

"Rooted in Eastern traditions yet raised in the Western paradigm, I am lighting the way for the next evolutionary step in Medicine.  Spending over a decade in the health and wellness industry, I've subjected myself to many experimental treatments, medicines, diets, and disciplines before making any recommendation to my patients.  Trustworthy and proven modalities lead the path to healing, cultivated within daily rituals and intentions.  

"Self care is a term often used but not well-regarded.  It is my passion to educate you on the benefits of exploring and establishing sustainable remedial practices.  Your body is designed to feel good!  When you have pain or illness, it is a glaring sign that poor habits or emotional stagnation is stealing your vital life source energy.  Recovery is an art.  Awakening can be messy.  I'm here to help guide you in your pursuit of a flourishing and vibrant lifestyle, ambitiously hoping we can make a greater impact in our world together."


My personal journey started in the tiny ocean state of Rhode Island.  I spent my youth surrounded by my mother’s personable second generation Italian American family, soulfully nourished with extensive family dinners and holiday traditions.  Get-togethers always included a rich menu of pastas, pizzas, salads, and dessert coffees.  My father’s family was rooted with more native practices; gardening, fishing, crafts-making and generally grooming the earth.  I have sweet memories of tasting fresh honey directly from the hives and testing batches of fermenting berries at my grandparents’ house in the foothills of the Pisgah Mountains.  Their nuclear cultures highly influenced my passionate yet disciplined personality and obsession with slow food.  Yet, the pathology of the hard-working American household set in; we became part of the fast food civilization that marketed immediate gratification and inescapable dependency.


Early on, I was perennially stifled with severe asthmatic allergies and stubborn itchy eczema.  My growing efforts in gymnastics, diving and competitive swimming were plagued with broken bones and soft tissue injuries, leading to a more contemplative artistic lifestyle before the sweet age of 14 - well, because what else can one really do while resting to heal the body?  Art, languages, books and social sciences became the gateway to a greater world OUT THERE.  As my curiosity and thirst for adventure grew, I moved from city to city, state to state ever the while my health conditions worsened.


Sleep disturbances, hormonal imbalances and irritable bowel syndrome took residence in my life.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, recurring bouts of sinusitis and walking pneumonia. Cycles of steroids and antibiotics were recommended.  Low dose contraceptive pills were administered to control mood swings.  Anxiety ran rampant, more prescriptions were filled.  It was a game of medication roulette.  Then the recurring anaphylactic attacks set in.  The treating physicians were perplexed; it was one of the emergency doctors who muttered something as I drifted in and out of consciousness – “what did she eat?” – and that stayed with me as I began unraveling the multifaceted complexity of my dis-ease.  In some shamanic mythos, near-death experiences would be considered a rite of passage.  Reawakened, I now consider these crises a climatic culmination that directly relayed my dharmic calling.


As allopathic medicine could not cite a cause, I sought answers in Eastern traditions.  Yoga, massage, and naturopathic treatments led to pursuing acupuncture and herbalism.  I took on a vegetarian lifestyle for three years before attempting extreme elimination diets and parasitic cleanses.  Spending a fair amount of time purging, foggy and disoriented, I learned to live without gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, seeds, chocolate, or alcohol.  You know, the good things in life.  However, as I began to recover my joyful energy and digestive fire, my gifts were realized.  The old adage, 'healer, heal thyself' was never more truthful.


Perpetually plagued by the question “what DO you eat” while observing in close proximity the broken medical system in the US, I was resolutely motivated to modify the approach to healthcare.  My subjective understanding that the suppressive pharmaceutical strategy created worsening symptoms and encouraged habituated patterns of thought and belief.  Fervently researching medical literature on natural cures, food as pharmacology, and neurobiology intertwined with esoteric heart-centered meditations and energy healing.  Taking self-responsibility for my recovery and seeking to encourage the same in others, I offer to you this very simple innovative concept: the way out is within.


Becoming knowledgeable about your body functions and its’ chemistry, the role of metabolism and disease, understanding your labs and food cravings are the first steps.  Increasing your awareness of sabotaging habits, critical nutrition principles, and essential detoxification aids helps you live in better harmony. Engaging in meditation, mindfulness and movement therapies assist in the complete embodiment of your transformation.  In honoring and learning how to nourish your body and mind, you can realize your potential and fulfill your destiny.  I am here to help you get started.  


Sarah Paige Wilde is a Certified Gerson Practitioner and Board-Certified Acupuncture Physician licensed by the state of Florida and the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Practicing in Jacksonville Beach since 2008, she has maintained a private medical office to treat a wide variety of ailments including pain syndromes, mood or hormonal disorders, allergies, fertility and maternity issues.  Sarah completed studies with the Gerson Institute in San Diego to address cancer and autoimmune conditions with the fundamentals of the Gerson Therapy ®, a dietary detoxification approach to heal without conventional treatment such as chemotherapy.   Additionally certified in Ozone Therapy, Prolozone, Biopuncture, Chinese Herbalism, Homeopathic and Vitamin Injection Therapies, Sarah utilizes various applications to treat the root cause of disease.


Her foundation rests in creative pursuits in the Fine Arts with a Bachelors’ degree rewarded for painting, photography, and cultural anthropology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Sarah practiced integrative bodywork and hydrotherapy after graduating from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, New York. Therapeutic studies in biodynamic craniosacral therapy and somato-respiratory integration furthered her hands-on practice while residing in Brooklyn.  She relocated to Florida to pursue a Masters’ degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture.  Continued credentialing in adjunctive therapies such as acutonics, reiki, sound healing, pilates and several yoga disciplines have influenced her application of mind-body integration.


Sarah believes her vast education and various experiences inspire a compassionate and proficient approach to healthcare and the wellness industry.  She enjoys many humanitarian efforts and provides a philanthropic environment for holistic well-being.


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4th Degree Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, MMA Hall of Fame


"I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in June 2017.  I started the Integrative Oncology Gerson Program in August after surgery.  I'm a world class athlete and remain active.  Sarah guided me through my recovery, modifying my protocol to fit my lifestyle.  Customization was key to my recovery.  She had the knowledge to adjust my therapy to assure my success.  I would highly recommend Wilde Detox.  I remain in remission and cancer-free to this day.  She helped save my life" 

Check out this mini-documentary on Javier's journey


Mama, Yogi + Aspiring Post-Partum Doula


"Sarah is in every sense a healer. She weaves ancient wisdom and modern medicine together to care for every client in a personalized manner.  She’s been my acupuncturist for six years now.  I initially saw her to regulate my erratic cycles. Since then, she’s become my herbalist, nutritionist, therapist, and bodyworker.  She’s helped me stay balanced through emotional circumstances, cured sinus infections, earaches and chest colds, helped quell degenerative discs among numerous other physical injuries and kept me in overall alignment through some rough years.  I couldn’t imagine not having Sarah to turn to for healing both emotionally and physically, she’s absolutely invaluable" 


Intuitive Educator at Atmana Coaching Academy


"Sarah is one of the most compassionate, intuitive, and knowledgeable healers I’ve ever worked with.  She has a way of empowering me to make bold changes that catapult me into a level of health and happiness that surprises me every time.  My first session with her was three years ago, and she supposed person I called anytime I need help!" 


Thoughts?  Questions?  Let's chat.

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