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Updated: Oct 15, 2019

A Gerson Approach To Healing:  Food is medicine!  Gerson® Therapy engages our body's natural healing capabilities through an organic plant-based diet, plentiful juicing, coffee enemas, and supplementation.  There are no damaging side effects.  Boost your immune system to effectively treat degenerative and autoimmune disease, including arthritis, allergies, heart disease and cancer.  

Developed in the 1930's as a treatment for debilitating migraines and skin tuberculosis, Dr. Max Gerson found that his therapy had surprising consequences.  His patients reported a remarkable reduction in pain and resolution of pre-existing health conditions.  The all-encompassing nature of Gerson Therapy treats the cause of most modern disease: toxicity and nutritional deficiency.  Daily consumption of copious amounts of juices deliver an abundance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes while coffee enemas cleanse the liver.  The detoxification process removes environmental carcinogens and toxic pollutants so true healing can begin.


Juicing:  To stop disease from progressing, it is important to provide a regenerative resource for our body to utilize in the healing process.  Fifteen to twenty pounds of organically-grown produce are juiced, easing the burden of digestion and stimulating metabolism.  Oxygenation is nearly doubled, providing ample energy throughout the day.  Cancer is treated with thirteen 8 ounce juices each day, purifying and transforming health at a cellular level.


Foods to Eat:  A plant-based diet that is entirely organic and low in sodium, fats, or animal-based proteins is recommended for reparation of damaged tissues.  In addition to juices, three full meals and light snacking are encouraged.  Meals are often a combination of cooked vegetables, potatoes, whole grains, salads and soups.  Snacking on raw or dried fruits and veggies is allotted in addition to the regular diet.


Supplementation:  Therapeutic amounts of potassium, iodine, B-12, thyroid, pancreatic and digestive enzymes, CoQ10, and additional vitamins or herbs are prescribed as indicated with thorough lab testing measuring your individual metabolic changes.  The combination of juices, supplementation and food medicates a sick body, flushing accumulated toxins and supercharging the immune system to breakdown diseased or cancerous tissues.  Repair is imminent as your body's biology is nourished.


Detoxification:  Coffee enemas, more eloquently referred to as 'coffee breaks', the coffee enema serves to directly remove the purging toxins and cleanse the overburdened liver.  In circumstances where cancer is present, the liver is typically found in a damaged and weakened state.  The caffeine increases bile flow, carrying poisons away from the mending tissues while improving blood circulation.  It relieves nausea, calms nerves and aids in cellular regeneration.


Is Gerson Therapy Right for You?  With its' potential to restore and allow the body to heal itself, we are often left with one looming question: why isn't everyone doing this?  There are a number of variables that determine effective and successful treatment of chronic illness or cancer.  Factors such as family history, environmental exposure, lifestyle or dietary habits, and previous chemotherapy, radiation or surgery may affect prognosis.

To learn more about Gerson Therapy Program eligibility, requirements, guidance and at-home treatment plans, please visit the 'Service' tab then see 'Personalized Programs'.


For more information:

Read the book 'Healing the Gerson Way' by Charlotte Gerson

Take the Gerson Basics Online Course

View the documentary 'The Beautiful Truth'

View the DVD 'Dying to Have Known'

 Must see food documentaries are listed here

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