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Laboratory Services can now be ordered online from the convenience of your home or office.

Our partnership with Direct Lab Services and Quest Diagnostics allows established clientele to routinely test and follow-up with their own blood work.  The ordering process is simple; use this link and start by registering your account with Direct Labs.  Order the tests necessary to your healthcare plan, add to your shopping cart and check out.  Make a note of your email address and password, as you will need the account information to receive results.

An email will be sent within one to two business hours to notify you of a printable requisition order form.  Bring this order form to the nearest Quest Diagnostics facility, following necessary fasting protocols as listed.  To save time, you may schedule your 'routine lab test' appointment with Quest online here.  

Within 5 - 7 business days, you will receive instructions with the email address linked to your Direct Lab account, indicating that your test results are available for review.  Sign in to your account and save the results for further interpretation. You may email your results to Sarah for analysis and review during your next scheduled appointment. 

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